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You are an artist, known to the world as "The Mayor".

In order to complete your opus, a tower that would show the journey of life, you've set off on a pilgrimage of inspiration to seek life's meaning and death's purpose.


Inspiration will guide you across many branching paths, explorations taking you across colorful cities, hidden settlements within old forests, vast libraries, deserts of ash, and so much more.

Your journey will not be straightforward. You will be met with strange omnipresent poets, arm-less storytellers, powerful Thoughtforms, and the strange being adorned with a golden skull who resets your journey at each journey's end, insisting that there is even more to learn...

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Existensis is a platformer with a focus on exploration. There are no enemies to fight, no health bar, just you and the world around you to explore at your leisure. There are many different branching paths you can take on your journey based on the inspiration you find. Existensis is designed to be a relaxing artistic and philosophical experience.


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